Thursday, April 06, 2017

Denver Art Museum - Part 2

Even though our original goal at the Denver Art Museum was to see the Stars Wars Exhibit - after I fed my family .... I drug them back in!!

They did not resist though - my family pretty much likes art.... so we took a few other photos:

So that ( above) is Bark cloth - its like tree bark that they painted on - 

And this
is a stack of Quilts and Blankets!

They called it an art display
But I wondered what would happen if I just borrowed a few....

That might be why the security guy kept following me around!!

Here is is from the up top view - I climbed a million stairs to get to the top of that
That;s Blog research for you!!

And then!! There was a dinosaur!
He was plastic and funny
but the jacket below 
I liked that!!

There is really so much to see there - you could take 2 full days - 
but the guys, they really wanted to go home and work on moving some hay....

This is the view as we were leaving back to the parking lot
It was the city.... kinda not like my house....



Kate said...

Bark cloth? That is really, really cool! Looks like a great place to spend some time.

Cherie in St Louis said...

How in the world did the stack of quilts and blankets stay stacked? I put a few in a pile and they start listing!!!

Salmagundi said...

I've seen that stack of quilts --- amazing, right??

Gypsy Quilter said...

Your family has such exciting adventures. But . . . ummm, could you explain the dinosaur? Art???

Farm Quilter said...

Love the stack of quilts and blankets!! I would also love to know how they got it to stay put! That painted bark cloth would have an awesome quilt, but those cornerstones and sashing would be a real bugger to have line up with that wee little line of black running through them and so many of the block pieces! But it would be wow!!!

WeedyMama said...

Long ago, in another life, I visited that museum. As I recall, I thought it was wonderful. But, I too, wonder how all those folded quilts and crocheted items stay in a stack. My cats would be climbing it!

Patti said...

So that's where I left my pile of QOVs!

diana569 said...

Great pictures Alycia, especially like the painted bark quilt, that must have been something to watch them create and paint it! And about the pile of quilts and blankets, I can only imagine if a rowdy little toddler was there and the guard was distracted! Then it would be a different kind of quilt pile! lol! Have a great day!