Tuesday, April 18, 2017

DC - The Memorials

After a Hearty Breakfast at a really cute restaurant called the Silver Grille - we headed off to the big city to see the Memorials.

I help send Vets here to see their memorials on the Northern Colorado Honor Flight, and I help make Quilts of Valor for them upon their return -

I thought it only fitting that we go check out the monuments.... you know make sure they were alright for my Vets to see ( ha ha - the parent in me??)

Don't you love that breakfast?

My kid can burn that off in 10 minutes.... me?   I'm still working on it !!

Mind you - we packed light - so these are all cell phone photos

The Washington Monument
I love how all the flags surround it

And then the WWII Memorial

From there we headed to the Lincoln Memorial

And then to the VietNam Wall

I have a thousand more photos that are a great memory for me of our day.
I hope that everyone gets a chance to just walk through these memorials
It really is awe-inspiring

I have a step tracker thingy on my phone
My kid was trying to kill me I am sure
this day we walked 12 miles

I deserve a new pair of shoes now right???


Terry said...

What an awesome trip and what a lot of walking!

Judy V from Thornton, CO said...

Your photographs bring out the awesomeness of the memorials; they grab my heart!

Quiltdivajulie said...

DC will wear out your shoes (and your knees, ankles, hips, toes, and eyes). SO much to see.

Pat said...

I've seen the Memorials and they just take your breath away. And so quiet.

Unknown said...

Welcome to my city! I'm glad you have enjoyed it!!!!! (lynnstck[at]yahoo.com)

Pat said...

It is an awesome place.

WeedyMama said...

It seems like it wasn't too long after the Viet Nam memorial was finished that I saw it for the first time. I couldn't recall that I knew one name on those walls of black stone. However, I do remember I was a sobbing mess by the time I had walked to the other end. A very powerful tribute to those that died. I've thought since that time that every war should have the names of those lives given listed for all to see. Maybe then, just maybe, wars would end.