Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another Day in the City

The first thing we did the next day was head out to Arlington.

and Wow

That's just sort of the feeling when you walk in - and it might bring tears to your eyes, and a little gulp to your throat.

The week before we went my Cousin ( I think second - but I stink at those distinctions) was buried in Arlington. Talk about humbling when you walk in to that place and realize that you are related to one of those brave Veterans.

It is just sort of amazing how you all hush your voices....

(PS there may be a few photos in this post)

Isn't that amazing - they say there are 400,000 graves there now, on just over 600 acres

It is all pretty hilly - so the views are quite amazing

We headed up to the Robert E Lee house.
It overlooks the river and is quite amazing
The docents inside dress in period costume
Oh man - did I have a great time checking out those fabrics.

These photos below are from the Womens Memorial

It was really cool, showing how women have served in the military since the beginning,
and in very critical roles. 

 I really enjoyed reading and looking at everything.

and in the foyer of the building is this!

My son saw it first! I have raised him well haven't I?

If you get to go to Arlington - I would totally recommend this Memorial too!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Arlington is indeed a sobering yet beautiful place to visit. There are two national cemeteries near us and while they're smaller, than Arlington they invoke the same sense of respect and gratitude.

Peggy said...

Thank you for visiting the Women's Memorial. A few months ago I was honored to fly to Washington on an Honor Flight to visit all of the memorials. Very awe inspiring. Our flight was the first all-woman flight and was a wonderful tribute to the many, many women who have served. By the your blog.

Mary Johnson said...

Keith parents are interred at Arlington at the columbarium. His dad's funeral was held with full military honors and was the most moving and emotional funerals I've ever attended (that includes my father's funeral). We've visited Arlington many times and always go when we're in DC. It's always a very moving experience.

Vicki W said...

Arlington is a beautiful and humbling place. I'll never forget my FIL and MILs funerals there. Chris and I were married in the Post Chapel on that base. It was lovely and was run like a machine. I seem to remember that they did about 6 events a day there. You had to be in and out quick! They encouraged you not to decorate the Chapel by having beautiful house arrangements. I opted for the "default flowers" myself. It saved a ton of money and headaches.

Carlie said...

My memories of seeing Arlington and the Chattanooga Military Cemetery where my father is buried bring me heartfelt memories. Thank you for your trip there. Carlie