Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I have a plan

now - sort of, sort of a winging it plan, that I can sort of see in my brain.... and I am working towards that goal..... slowly......

I keep finding myself running out of the Low Volume Fabrics 
( that's a modern word for background - ha ha!!)

I thought I had a large bin of them - turns out I have been borrowing from that bin
It's the only scrap bin that is NOT overflowing - yep  
the story of my life ( giggle)

I was trying to get a clear shot of my wall

and this turkey kept getting in the way
I threatened him - I told him he would make it on National Computer ( like tv) everywhere
if he didn't get out of the way......

In other news - 
I have stitching a gazillion half squares in prep for 

I have high hopes of reducing another 2 inch strip bin!

And Lastly -

My son's NFHS broadcast team entered a UA contest - please click on the link and vote for Platte Valleys Video ( on my screen it is on the left and titled : NFHS It Comes from Below UAPV)

You can vote everyday - and you know I am that mom - ha ha!!

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Donna said...

I voted! If you keep reminding us, I will remember to vote! Good luck!

WeedyMama said...

Maybe you need to remind that "turkey" what's happening in a month? Stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pie???

Judy V from Thornton CO said...

I just voted! Forgive me, but what does NFHS stand for? HS stands for High School, but NF?

Susan said...

Good progress so far! And at least you've got one bin of fabric used - it's just sad that you'll have to replenish it! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

Kate said...

I voted. Hope they do well! Looking forward to seeing how your plan comes together. Just threaten to show the picture to his girlfriend, he'll fall in line I'm sure. (It's my go to threat for DT, just wait till you bring a guy home, we've got pictures to share.)