Monday, October 31, 2016

Antique Quilts

Oh I am bragging a little bit here -

LOOK at this quilt!!! My Client is an Antique Lady and oh man does she find the coolest quilts!!

This is up next in my Quilting line.....

Isn't that just amazing!!
it does not lie flat anywhere!!

But we are both okay with that - the beauty of it far far far outweighs it's flaws!!

Alright - I'm done bragging - ha ha!!

I started even another project this weekend - I am having WAY to much fun sorting my scraps now!

These are blocks from the Wonky Star Block drive - but they were boo boo's as they were too big.
I never want a block to feel left out - so I am on a mission to make it into a
way cool QOV!!!

I think it will work


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Summer said...

Nice quilting. The star blocks are really nice ♥

tealeafquilts said...

What a great idea for a scrappy log cabin! However, measure your strips for flatness! At least occasionally as you go around. I just cut a large bins of scraps into usable size strips and squares and it is amazing how neat and orderly they become. Now to put them somewhere. Carol

Sally Langston Warren said...

Wow, that antique quilt is beautiful! How are you going to quilt it with all the waviness? My first thought was to steam iron it and also stretch it as flat as you can. I know neither one of those 'techniques' is proper.....but at this point, you do what you can. I just love the colors and layout of the quilt. I bet the maker had so much fun piecing it!

Bonnie said...

What an amazing antique quilt top. How do you plan to quilt it? Good for you for rescuing some oopsie blocks. FYI Friday I sent some blocks for the block drive.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You could have lopped off the points and made the blocks the correct size. Have FUN creating a setting just for them!!

Patti said...

Looking forward to seeing how the antique quilt turns out. I'm doing wonky stars this week for my QOV stars challenge quilt.

Kate said...

That is an incredible scrap quilt. Looking forward to seeing it all quilted. The retrofitted wonky star blocks look great.

Run 'n Stitch said...

What a fun find! Boo boo stars? They look great to me.

beth s said...

OOH! I love that quilt! What a find.

Kaja said...

That is gorgeous. I wouldn't care at all that it didn't lie flat.

Theresa Morgan said...

Lovin the quilt find....... It gives the illusion of a hole or a pyramid......I like different......Can't wait to see yours