Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quilts of Valor - July

Good Morning!!

It has already been a crazy week, with only more craziness to come!!

I hope you got a chance to check out Sunday's post - there were some QOV's that were quilted and even a presentation!!!  The presentation had been in the works since January - and this one - that I am about to show you... since December - can you believe it?

Both Nominators wanted these Quilts to be presented when the whole family could be there - and wow - did they do a good job! I love it when plans come together!

This was this WWII Veterans 90'th Birthday
and he had NO CLUE we were invited!!!

The gal in Yellow - she is the quilt maker - Verna
She is a friend of his, and made the top
Again - he was SO surprised!!!

It was a pretty great day
and he was so cute, He wanted to be wrapped in that quilt,
but he was so worried about getting hot - it was too cute!!

Alright - on to some other Quilts of Valor

On the far Left
Made by High Prarie Quilts in Parker, i
Middle:  High Prarie QUilts in Parker
Right: Kay in Paradise CA and quilted by her son Mark!!  Fabulous team!!!

On the left: Made by Kathy and Sue and their Red Hat Group
on the Right: Kathy and Sue and the Red Hats
Little Bit says this one reminds him of Capt. America!!

Made by Rosalie M in Greeley CO

Both of these:
 Made by Chaffee County Quilters

Aren't all these quilts great?  

I have a question for you all - how many of you use instagram?  Facebook? Or just read Blogs?

I will be honest - I peruse Instagram, but its hard for me to tell the whole story there. I LOVE reading blogs, and have a million in my reading list. I like the whole story. But I am just curious how many of you use other Social Media Outlets as well?  What is your Favorite?


phxquilt said...

Love the show today! Keep up the great work.

Barob Book Blog said...

Love all of your posts Alycia. They give me such inspiration.
I use both Facebook and Instagram but not regularly. The blog notices come into my email and I can read them immediately or save them for later so it works for me. I enjoy the photography ones also which I haven't seen lately?
Have a super day! Thanks for all you do for QOV🇺🇸

Dayna said...

facebook and blogs. love reading the blogs and seeing all the photos. warms my heart seeing all these vets get their quilts.

Anonymous said...

Just check out the blogs. I enjoy reading several. That gives me inspiration and keeps me excited about quilting. It also takes time and find that it takes me away from my quilting. So no Facebook or Instagram. Need the time for doing. I do appreciate bloggers sharing their lives with us quilters. And it is neat to share experiences from other areas, states and countries. Just have learned that an hour in blogland is my limit.

Dotti in CT

Judy V from Thornton CO said...

Wonderful quilts! Love them all. Gee, at my age, I like to keep things simple. I check two blogs daily...guess which one is my favorite??? Next is the Quilting Board Daily Digest forum, a great source of ideas, solutions, pictures and so on. I use Facebook very sparingly.

Terri said...

Blogs! That's my favorite. I do read a bit of Facebook, just to see what the Grandkids are doing... but then there is sooo much other stuff on there. I'm trying to stay away from all that political junk and the worrisome news, the sad news, the over and over told news.
Love your blog. I bump it up to 150% so I can read it.
Thanks for all you do for the servicemen and women.

Vicki W said...

I look forward to this post every week!

quilteraddict.01 said...

Guess I'm old I use Facebook,for me I scan Insgram it is hard for me to follow but am trying to get wit it. I love blogs

Quiltdivajulie said...

I am a BLOGGER. I do share some photos on Instagram - but those are isolated nano-moments with often cryptic descriptions (mine and others). Pretty to glance. FB - another rabbit hole to fall into. I am there but will be scaling back in the coming months.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I am a faithful blog reader. I don't do much on FB and do even less on IG. I enjoy having the whole story, along with the pictures.

Speaking of pictures...

That String Quilt captured my heart. All that scrappy goodness. LOVE it!!!

Mary Says Sew! said...

I only read email and blogs. I always read yours!

I am NOT on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any other anti-social media.

Panto Pam said...

I do all three, but blogs are my favorite! Facebook is too much drama, I go to instagram for quick inspiration, but LOVE reading the whole story on my blog lists while drinking my morning coffee.

Magoo47 said...

Just your blog regularly, some of the ones you have links to occasionally. Most of my internet time is spent running websites for two guilds. Gotta get some sewing in there somewhere!

Paula, the quilter said...

I do Facebook mainly because my family is on there and it is an easy way to keep in touch. I love love love to read blogs. Don't do Instagram.

Janice Holton said...

My favorite is blogs! You can't really tell a story on Instagram like you do on a blog. I like the STORY! (and pictures)

Gypsy Quilter said...

Way to go team! Hugs and more hugs all around.

June D said...

Beautiful, bright inspirational quilts. Thanks for sharing.

I have Instagram account, but really haven't figured it out. I'm getting used to Facebook, but still do most of my learning via blogs.

: )

Dorothy said...

No FB No Instagram YES to blogs. The 1st are too "cold", blogs tell the story

Carlie Nichols said...

I read several blogs and enjoy yours coming in my email. I don't do social media--Facebook, etc.--not enough hours in the day if I want to sew too!! Thanks for honoring our veterans.

Kate said...

Love those first two star quilts. I read blogs. It's more friendly, like reading a letter from a friend with pictures. I was going to sign up for Facebook since a few of the quilt alongs I'm planning to do have their main link ups there, but turns out my surname is illegal. I have to present a driver's license to get an account. Not going there.

phxquilt said...

Again I love your show. To anwser your questions, I use Facebook and read blogs.

Soapstone Quilts said...

I always enjoy seeing your quilts and the QOV quilts. Social media - all three! 😲☺

Cherie in St Louis said...

I read blogs and don't do Instagram and I only rarely get on Facebook and don't really like it. I love your blog :) It's so inspirational!!