Friday, July 29, 2016


We may have a kitty or two around the place - and they are just getting old enough to be Trouble ( with a capital T)  They are so cute, and they get in my way, and sneak in the barn, and attack our ankles.....

So we decided to do a little photo shoot for you!!

This is Shoe Kitty
She will sit on your shoe no matter where you are!

This is Black Kitty
Not to be confused with Black Kitty 2

This one just thinks she is adorable
She doesn't know what to do with us when we won't let her in the barn

It's the Attack of the Shoe!!!

Who Me?
I am so adorable you just can't help but love me

No, No, Your the pretty one,..... I'm the shy one

And Stalker Cat
She attacks balls, hay, twine, cows - you name it 
It is hers!!

Alright - Back to Quilting now 
I am sure you have something to sew?????


KaHolly said...

Oh, sweet kitties! Will they go up for adoption?

Anonymous said...

I so love the kitties story. Both of our senior cats passed away in the last year and I am looking at the cuties with longing. Sadly vets charge so much for EVERYTHING these days that we are out of the cat business. Such lovely pets but how many times can one pay $1300 for a CAT who is ill. No vacation in two years because of that. LOVED the pictures. Thanks so much.

Sherrill said...

Why don't the kitties get to go in the barn? I thought that's where barn cats are supposed to live. :-) Do you try to catch your cats and spay them ever?

Claudia said...

so cute !!! I would love to have the long hair calico......she looks like my Clarinda. I just love them all !!

Sue said...


Quiltdivajulie said...

SO much fun -- great post!

WeedyMama said...

I adopted two "baby kitties" from the animal shelter here last year because their predecessors were gone. They are now a year old, and have been mine almost a year to the day. I would be walking around with arms full of cats, no time to quilt. They have been downstairs with me the last several days as we have been breathing heavily on 100 degrees--made it today.

Chin rubs for all.

Kate said...

Very cute kitties! Very fun photos and captions.

Soma @ said...

They are so adorable!! How do you ever get anything done?? :)