Thursday, July 07, 2016


I found a new hobby.....

I learned to Fly Fish.....

Yep - Me - the lady who has NO patience - I love FlyFishing ;-)

As a little girl - my Daddy took me fishing a lot. And he must have had patience, I'm not sure I remember sitting still very much ;-(

(Know how I know?  I have a million photos - that I took.... )

That's my Dad

Our neighbor flyfished - and I watched - but a few weeks ago - I got brave and took the family to take a lesson - and I was hooked.

and now:

Scenes from a River Runs Through It.... Just kidding... I haven't even seen that movie!

There's the big guy.

And the Middle Bit

Above - This is my view
I fished the other shore line and stood in the water and LOVED it!!

And Little bit

This is a fun hobby!
So if you see some lady and her boys walking and sludging through the rivers
It might just be me ;-)

To see photos of our Denver trip - go here:  Alycia's Denver Trip


Anna brown said...

Gm howdy from maine...I learned to fly fish when i had breast was the best retreat ......A year or two later i went to a casting for recovery reunion and i was given a LLBean fly fishing rod and case...Enjoy your new hobby.....Just in case you want to check out Casting for recover thing here is home page......

Gypsy Quilter said...

Years ago, I took a fly fishing class. But somehow I never actually got to fish. Glad you're enjoying it. Another great family adventure.

Vicki W said...

We are both trying new things! I learned to shoot a gun 2 weeks ago and now I'm hooked on sporting clays. Can't wait for another lesson!

Ranch Wife said...

You haven't seen that movie???!!! You need to remedy that ASAP! Do not pass GO until you do! Yes, I'm being bossy. :)
We love fishing and fly fishing is on our bucket list.

Terri said...

Fish is good food, too.

diana569 said...

I think it's bcause when you are fly fishing you are constantly moving, you aren't sitting still in one place and being quiet. One thing I've noticed from reading your blog is you are NOT a sit still kind of girl! lol! Beautiful pictures of your guys too!

Kate said...

I've never tried fly fishing, but looks like a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.

WeedyMama said...

There are these things called "waders". Maybe you need a few pairs?

Don't chuckle too loud. I have college credit in fly fishing (as a PE credit), and I've never gotten a line wet. Near the end of his life, I asked my dad what became of grandpa's fly rod. He said he broke it :{{{

I'm going to check out that "casting for a cure" link.


Sue said...

Fun memories from the past and new ones for the future