Friday, November 06, 2015

Fall in the Rockies

it's a little later in the day than I am usually on my computer - but ..the trade off of living on the edge of nowhere.... you are the Lastest lasty type person on the edge of the wi-fi range.....

Remember when we used to complain that Dial up was slow?  well..... at least I was connected  ( ha ha!)

So this quilt was pieced by Linda H in Southern CO.  It is called Fall in the Rockies . And! I love it.  She has such a fantastic eye for color and texture in fabric.

Every time I look at it I see it from a different Perspective - and it really does look like our mountains here,

When the aspens change, and the evergreens get darker

i just really liked it!

 I quilted swirls like the wind and leaves
As you know - when the wind blows - the leaves fall!!

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Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Very pretty. Swirl quilting was a perfect choice.

Megan Lang said...

Great colors and design!

scraphappy said...

What beautiful fabrics. Glad you are enjoying your fall weather. It is sunny and 85 in Florida and it doesn't seem very festive at all.

Sally T said...

Great choice of quilting the leaves can swirl in the wind.

Love Of Quilts said...

Love the colors.

roxi said...

you definitely captured Fall in the Rockies! very nice!

Kate said...

Wow, beautiful colors and the quilting is gorgeous!