Monday, November 09, 2015

Veterans Day Parade in Denver

Oh My Goodness!!! Yesterday was the Veterans Day Parade in Denver - and it was fantastic!!

I was asked to attend to Present a Few Quilts of Valor to a few Veterans, and I ended up riding in the sidecar on Roger and Nancy's Motorcycle ! IN! THE! Parade!   It was way fun!!  The kids loved the side car - so I got pointed to a lot - felt like a rock star  ( ha ha ha)

I also think they wanted me there for balance!   Roger and Nancy are a part of the Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association. I love them!

There I am - I waved by flag at my boys!

Oh and this was my view from the line up:

And my view to the left 
(okay I could really see it all - but isn't that a cool Motorcycle?)

Checking out the others turning the corner

Check that out
Two Ladders from the fire station hung a flag out for all to ride under!

After the parade
The Teamsters Horsemen  (THMA) had a stage set up for us
We called our Veterans onto the stage and did a QOV presentation
it was really nice!

The gentleman below is a Korean War Veteran
He enlisted when he was 17, and fought in 5 major battles
He also received 5 Bronze Stars.

(That's Ms Liz presenting the quilt - after she wrapped it around him - he hugged her tight!)
(PS - Photo Credit Teri Z)

Below - the First 4 of our Veterans Wrapped in their quilts
The gentleman in Black was presenting a Gift to QOV, and a gift to THMA
He didn't expect that he would recieve a QOV ( he had worked on nominating the others)

And we got him!
He was so shocked.
But seriously? 
Could we exclude this Combat Veteran?
( or make him wait?  NO!!)

After we were done the families hung around a bit
Mugged for the camera!

And chit chatted

Liz , Veteran, Mary Beth

And - That was my Sunday!
( and consequently - that is my design wall too!)


Farm Quilter said...

Pictures of QOV's being presented always makes me cry!!! Thank you!!!!!

JeniceD said...

You have the best design wall!

Kate said...

Looks like a very fun parade. Very fun smiles from the QOV presentations.