Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Training for the Circus

Little Bit is my animal man....

He might have taken to training the cats for the circus....

This trick here?

Cat in a bucket:

This is Dancing Cat:
Sort of like the Dancing Bears in the circus -
way less dangerous
Little bit is bigger that the cat!

And then Cat when back in the bucket
Apparently she likes that trick better!
Until she heard the food being poured

And that's only a part of my circus
outside of my quilting life ;-)

This is Calico ( pronounced Cal eeek ko)
She says - "I am above all training and perfect in every way"


Judy V from Thornton, CO said...

What a beautiful kitty you have!

Farm Quilter said...

Adorable cat!! Reminds me of a pair of kittens my daughter's cat had...of course she had just moved back home with her before she had the kittens in my youngest daughter's bed! So beautiful!!! And your Calico is so talented!!!

Kate said...

Very cute kitties. Calico looks like more my speed. I'm assuming Dancing Cat earned that name.