Saturday, June 09, 2012


This is not quilty AT ALL !! Just a warning....

So Thursday night there were bad winds, terrible tornado's, and hail and wild stuff.... and we followed it and payed attention and about midnight when it passed through finally went to bed.  

Friday morning my oldest son had a swim meet, so we loaded up and left. My windshield was covered in water, so by the time it was clear I was already moving down the road.  ( Yes, I can drive by the Jedi force)

Went to the swim meet, had a great time, came home, turned to back in to my parking space and looked out and hollered - "ahhh - Its gone!"

We have a little lean to/shed that is on the demolition list... however it still had some *stuff* in it. now - it is not on the list!  The *stuff* is mostly there - but the shed... Not So Much!!!  I guess that I will not have to bribe the boys to remove it now. And there will be no worry of those dumb wasps that make nests in it ( right close to where I saddle up my horse!)   

We are totally loving some of the features of my camera, but I still haven't mastered the timing. Look at the wing span on this kid!!   I think that we need another family picture so you all can see how short I am getting..... 

Yep - that timing thing - we downloaded the photos and my kid laughed at me, he said I was getting better - I didn't have any butt shots this time ( if you were/are a swimmer/swim parent - you get it right?????)

I am at the other end of the pool - I waved at him, and we all got a laugh when he waved back. I am the paparazzi !!!

Butterfly ( up top)    Breaststroke ( below)  
Hope you all are having a great weekend... my morning so far has been awesome - some quilting time, breakfast, a little piecing - and now heading back to the Long Arm - *sigh* I love it!


beaquilter said...

Ohhh you lost the shed. Last year in a bad storm we lost our trampoline, found it two weeks later behind some trees and bushed at a neighbors house, it took 7 adults to carry it back, what took the wind a few minutes to spin over our fence, down our front lawn, across the street, across their yard and into the bushes.... and we're setting up a pool this weekend!

Impera_Magna said...

I was rarely able to get THE shot I wanted of the kids swimming... but I did manage a few....

Hate that you lost the shed but certainly it wasn't your home!!!

jillquilts said...

Great pics! It does take a bit of practice with new technology. :)

Kate said...

Sounds like you had Oklahoma weather last week. Good that the shed was the only thing you lost.

My Guy often is the meet photographer for Drama Teen's swim team. He sets his camera for burst, where it will take 3 shots at a single push on the shutter button. Look it up in your camera manual. It's the only way to get the "good" shot. They move so fast it's hard to push the shutter at just the right moment. You end up with a few off shots, but with any sporting event you take a lot of bad shots to get just a few good ones.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and you are doing a great job not getting (or showing anyway!) the butt shots! I agree with Kate about the "burst" or multiple shot setting on your camera. It should have one. Mine does and it makes all the difference in the world. Delete the butt and missing athlete shots and keep the one in the middle! LOL

Sorry about your shed, but at least it wasn't your house!