Thursday, June 14, 2012


I thought that maybe I would try a new tactic in my quilting life.... and actually finish a backing AND binding before I put a quilt top away. Maybe .... just maybe I will actually get it quilted IN. THIS. YEAR!!!

May's Color Palette  has not been put away yet...  I made the back!!! And used up every last little piece I had... no scraps left behind  (tee hee)

then... I decided - well gosh, if I made the binding right NOW - maybe I could stitch it on as I am quilting.......  don't hold your breath on that one, but at least I was thinking!!

I am really hoping that I am going to get this quilt quilted this month. I don't see why I can not ...

My camera has all these crazy settings - so I took a picture of the boys and dad setting up the pool. it is kind of crazy isn't it?

Hope you all have a quilty day!!


BunkHouseQuilts said...

Novel idea! I might end up with a top too big for my backing necessitating adding more backing...making more binding....I couldn't trust myself.
Cool pict. Even cooler pool!! Hope you have a dust cover! Dang, that's all I can think of for a pool around here.

Kate said...

Fun picture of the pool pitching.