Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Saturday

This is a combined post because... are you ready for this... we did not get home from the oldest's swim meet until 11pm Friday night - and I was completely wiped out!! It was the last day of VBS - so every. single. child. was full of energy. And I totally love that, I love to see happy kids, and I love to try and keep up, but then driving 1 1/2 hours to a meet, sitting in the warm ( 100 deg) sun, and  then getting home so late ... I was toast!!!

Today - a much more restful day. It got to 107 though! Can you imagine? I mean we live in Colorado!!!  

I learned something new today. I wanted to make dresden plate flower for the Row Robin, but I have never made one... check these out.

I made all the little petals, and laid them out. It looked really weird, and that the center was going to be way huge. I persevered and kept sewing, until.....

I got this!!!  I think it is about 8 1/2 inches ( Diameter right??)

I think I am going to make one more, and then figure out how to make them look like flowers on my row.

We can still see the smoke from the fire. It has grown another 10,000 acres - up to 71,000 acres now. They are pre -evacuating some areas where my parents friends live. Not good.
My dad is the fire chief at Livermore, so he was out all day helping coordinate the tanker trucks and other fire related things ( okay I admit I can't remember all the words he used) But it is A LOT of work!!  


Paula TheQuilter said...

Applique a vine and a couple of leaves between each 'plate'. That will be cute. Our neighborhood is filled with smoke this morning. I went out to get the paper and realized it was a 'stay inside' day. I wonder if this is going to go on all summer? It is so very, very dry and just a tinderbox. Scary.

Nancy said...

I keep a watchful eye on the news, praying that those in the line of the fire and those bravely fighting it will be safe. It is going to be a loooong hot and dry summer, and I fear the fire fighters are going to be busy until the snow falls.

Terri said...

I remember (sun burns) sitting in the blazing sun at a meet in Reno. We had 3 kids that swimmed for about 5 years... It was exhausting, but one of my better memories of their childhood.
Hope the fires are out soon.

Missy Shay said...

I've had this post pinned for a while. It is a really cute dresden plate flower. I hope it helps!

Ruth Ann said...

Prayers for your father and other firefighters. Also for everyone who is affected by the fire.