Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wed's Quilts of Valor

Oh Boy!! Has it been a busy week around here.... who remembers that Summer is so much busier that you think it will be? But it is such fun!!  

Let me show you some awesome Quilts of Valor that have been made for our troops!!  You will LOVE them - I know!!!

This first quilt was made by Jody S - she belongs to my local quilt guild. It was quilted by Donna S of Colorado. Isn't this a great pattern?

This jelly roll quilt was made by Charlotte  in Colorado, and quilted by Donna S in Colorado. Our guild ( Charlotte belongs) did these quilts for a QOV sew day and we got a lot of them done!

This beauty comes from Adele in Colorado.... SO!! My friend Jean is in the same guild with Adele, and Adele was thinking of shipping it... Jean stepped in and said - I will see her next week. So the quilt was personally delivered to me....... I LOVE it!!

This is another group quilt. Our guild made these blocks from the Double Slice Layer Cake Video, I took the blocks home and chained my kids to the sewing machine - okay not really - but I did make them lay out the quilts and bring me the blocks to put into a top. Dawna S in CO quilted it.

Again - another group quilt - this one quilted by Jean ( the same Jean that brought me Adele's quilt)  I really like this quilting design... I hope you can see it in the close up shot.

This one was made by Jessica in Denver. Jessica is a master with small pieces - this is a great way to use them. It was quilted by John Scott Alden... I use his full name - as you may end up seeing his pieces in some magazines soon.....

This lovely came all the way from St Croix!!! Carolyn R sent this one in and it was quilted by Liz Taylor Davis

And another from Carolyn  ... quilted by Liz Taylor Davis.  They probably didn't know they were going to make such a great pair!!

This quilt was made by Karen A in Oklahoma. Her quilts are just awesome, and the tops come to me in Fat Quarter Shop Boxes and I always wonder if I bought something... you know sleep shopping... I think I could have that disease.

Oh!! It was quilted by Jack T of Colorado Springs!

And our very last quilt for today, Just in case you were trying to ration your soda.... is from Agnes K and quilted by Angie Lynn.  Agnes is a very prolific piecer.

Thank you all who quilted these lovely tops, and thank you to all the piecers  for making them!!! I am furiously trimming, and putting bindings with them for our binders!

Hope you enjoyed today's inspiration!


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Love all the quilts. The piecers and quilters are some of God's angels on earth. Thank you to them all.

Mary said...

They all look wonderful. This is the time of year I'm always inspired to piece a QOV myself ... Between Memorial Day and July 4th and I've got RWB blocks on my design wall.

Pat R. said...

Gotta love quilters!!!!

Kate said...

Beatitful quilts with fun quilting!

Amy said...

Wowzer! Lovely quilts and as always fun to see the machine quilting.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful pocketful of eye candy! Thanks so much to those that had a hand in creating them and to you to Alycia for sharing them with us.

Shari in AZ

jillquilts said...

Great quilts! Thanks for sharing. :)