Thursday, December 09, 2010

Quilters Accountability 12/8/10

Probably you all already know this - but I am a day late. And I have no clue how I did that.... but about noon I realized that today is NOT Wednesday. Oh well, I think I was trying to create time ....

 One of my goals last week was to get this Red Bricks top put together. Well, it is not put together, but I have about 5 rows done now. I am kind of liking it!! The pattern came from and her pattern is called Forest Bricks.

Mine will be a Quilt of Valor when it is all done.
 And this is the gift quilt that was supposed to be quilted. I totally one upped myself and BOUND it - all by my lonesome, and with 8 pieces of chocolate. All dark - by the way - so I was being healthy!!

On my list last week I had wanted to quilt another gift quilt, but it didn't happen.I am kind of stuck as to how I want to quilt it, so I just didn't.....

Tuesday Night at our guild meeting we had a silent auction - and I won two items!!  This first one now resides on my dining room table, under the vase of roses that Wrangler Man gave me, before leaving me to do ALL the chores for 3 days. 

The roses were beautiful... they are starting to dry out, and I would love more, but I don't want him to leave again... its too much work *grin*

This is the second little runner I won. I put it on top of my piano, underneath my parents High school graduation pictures.
I am pretty sure I got a great deal! And they are really my style of quilts!

So - Quilters accountability for next week?

I will probably bow out, it is the last week of school, and I have a few presentations that I need to do. One of them will be at the Columbine Quilters Quilt Guild in Arvada. I am excited to meet all of them.

If you want to see what everyone else is up to, or are thinking about joining in head on over to Baris -

And wish me luck - tomorrow is an ice skating party that I think I knew about, but didn't realize that *I* would be ice skating.....


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

First of all---GOOD LUCK! LOL

Second of all---congratulations that you found time to quilt/sew this week!

Anonymous said...

You are always so busy...I don't know how you have time to post at all! Your little table runners are so cute! Perfect!

As far as getting things done...this time of year is just way too busy! Kids, parties, family. I feel blessed just to make it to everything I am supposed to!

Have a wonderful week enjoying those boys! (and the grown one too when he gets back!)


Mary said...

I like the pieced strip you are using in your version! I also see that Nancy sent you the pinwheels she made from my instructions....I'm making slow progress these days on my own quilting because I've been traveling so much but it's wonderful to see people being inspired by my quilts and quilts to be!