Monday, December 20, 2010

A Delivery is Made

This is it - this is the *Reason* that all these Quilts of Valor are collected over the year. This *THIS* is totally how Santa must feel at the end of his Christmas run.... a great feeling - not only of:

*We did it* but also of * wow! The smiles! The laughter! The happiness*

The story:

 Two boys and I woke up at 4am, and headed out to our delivery, We met up with our partner in crime at and headed in to the chapel to set up.

 We were set up in the snack area... the BEST place to be!

And we met some Awesome Awesome American soldiers. All of them in different places of their rehab, all of them with different situations, but all of them very happy to see us.
Middle Bit got to hand out a lot of quilts, along with our *assigned* soldier. And my Partner in Crime ( Ms. Pat) helped them chose the quilts they wanted, and helped accomodate special requests.

I will tell you about more of them as more pictures come back.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these soldiers! And please, please, please, give yourself a pat on the back for all of the happiness, hugs, and smiles that you - as valued Quilt of Valor makers - have given these soldiers this Christmas.

Thank you!!!


Jan Mac said...

lovely story and photos as usual Alycia. I hope you now have time to have a family Christmas knowing that you have helped many soldiers to also have a warm hug and know that they haven't been forgotten.
Keep up the good work.
Hugs Jan Mac

Anonymous said...

Absolutely great work...again. Glad the "bits" are enjoying themselves too. So good to have great helpers along for the ride.

Yours go on the machine next..I promise. Should be done in the next week or so.

Shari in AZ

Judy V. said...

The smiles on the soldiers' faces are wonder it is so easy to make a QOV, knowing it will give a comforting hug around a soldier! So glad you shared your story with us. Wishing you and your wonderful family a very blessed holiday.

Linda in TX said...

What a great Christmas gift to all of us! How many did you hand out Alycia?

Quiltin Jenny said...

What a wonderful gift! You are an amazing person.

I am trying to write the story of presenting our first Quilts of Valor, but the words are hard to find. It was a very special experience. Thank you so much for encouraging me to do it locally and in person - it was so appreciated!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Nancy said...

There appear to be photos on the cases. Are those shots of the quilt inside so the soldiers can select a quilt without taking it out of the case?

How long does it take you to organized a delivery?

As always, thank you for sharing the photos of the soldiers who receive some of the quilts.

Pat R said...

This was the most amazing day I have had in a long, long time, and I am making quilts like crazy and looking forward to another invitation from Alycia to join her once again...hope that happens! It sure puts a warm feeling deep in a person's soul! Thanks, Alycia and boys.

Pat R said...

Nancy...those are, indeed, photos pinned on the presentation cases. Alycia is SO organized! The presentation case does not often reflect what the quilt inside is like, therefore, the photos are an awesome idea! Just as a side note, several of the guys wanted the presentation cases that featured horses or wildlife...makes you thing, huh?