Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Columbine Quilt Guild

 I was invited to come to the Columbine Quilt Guild in Arvada to pick up some Quilts of Valor, and give a little speech. About 2 years ago, they decided to take on Quilts of Valor as one of their charity projects... and boy , have they done an awesome job.

This first picture shows the guild president, the  middle is Zoe Ann - she is the coordinator of the QOV Charity, and the far right is the gal who did the majority of the Long Arm Quilting. Sweet lady!!

They did a little show and tell of a few of the quilts.
 Then they sent me home with 26Quilts of Valor. They had finishe 3 more, but they were going to take them home to wash, and I will get those later. These 26 are completely washed, labeled, pillowcased... wow! What a sweet Surprise!!
I will be getting photos of these quilts to show them to you, but these two in the post are already on their way to wounded soldiers....

Thanks ladies and gentlemen - you ROCK!!!


Judy V. said...

What a marvelous accomplishment by the Columbine Quilt Guild! I can't wait to see the rest of the quilts....

Anonymous said...

Those quilts are superb! Kudos to the members of the guild.

Shari in AZ