Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More given out

 First off - the Questions.. How many were given out? Well I can't tell you that yet, or those of you guessing how many QOV"s were in the suburban would know.... But believe me - I was ready to answer until my brain kicked in.

Second question: Are those photos on the presentation cases? Why Yes they are *grin* . There are a couple different reasons for that. The first is - that on one of my first deliveries a soldier would NOT take his quilt out of the case to look at it, and I panicked. I KNEW that he had recieved a bright frilly quilt, and he was embarassed.

Turned out - he got a delectable mountain quilt that he adored, he was just afraid to cry in front of us.

From then on out, since I take pictures of all the quilts for my blog, I figured I would just print them out and pin them to the presentation case.

This works well, because other groups help make the cases and the case does not always represent the quilt inside. So! it has worked well for me. Oh! and I have a photographic memory ( ha a pun) so when I look at a picture I can usually tell them who made it and from where it came. Makes the quilts even more personable to them.

*The guy in the very top photo was one of the wounded assigned to help us carry the quilts in. He say this one, and kind of put in on the bottom of the pile, hiding it, so that when his turn came he could choose it. And it worked. He made me laugh as he beelined straight for the hidden quilt!*

Merry Christmas!!


Cheryl Willis said...

what a great Christmas story, now just tell me how many- I won't tell. bless you and yours- cheryl

Quilter Kathy said...

WHat a great idea to put the photos on the pillowcase! I am amazed at your organizational skills to keep all of this straight!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alicia, for all that YOU do. What a wonderful 'rush', that feeling you get when you give a quilt, and it's so appreciated. Love to see all the pictures and love the stories.
Merry Christmas!

Susan in No. Calif.