Monday, March 19, 2007

A Trip to the Zoo

This last week was spring break for my kids and I think we picked the warmest day of the whole week to go to the Zoo. It was warm enough for us to have to have some ice cream in the afternoon. Made the whole trip the best!

My mom and dad went with us, Dad drove and I navigated. Did you know it is much easier to navigate when you are driving? Just ask my dad - I sent him down the wrong road!!

We had a great time though, and ate a lot, and even went to dinner afterwards. My dh missed it all as he was in New York - poor guy. Thats my dad at the left of the picture( the picture at the top, not the bottom), then middle son, oldest son, me and youngest son. We got to see the bears and the Snow leopards, and the gorillas and the elephants! This gorilla just had a new baby - and the baby was running around and getting into all sorts of trouble - it was cute!
Now where did the rest of our spring break go?


swooze said...

Your trips sounds like how ours go. Grandparents go with me and the kids and dh doesn't. Looks like you had fun! Our spring break was last week.

Judy said...

Great memory builder trip! The kids are lucky that G&G could go to the zoo with them. Did you go to one in Denver?

Lynn E said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Our spring break starts next week. We only have one Grandmother left and we have been trying to get her to come on a trip with us for a while. What are the must see things in your area???