Saturday, November 09, 2013


Superior Threads Donated 2 $25 gift certificates to their store.... UMMMM ummm - you winners are going to have a hard time choosing which threads you love!!!

You can read all about their blog post here:

I was at Houston and walked by the Superior Booth - so thought I would stop in and introduce myself - because seriously - Dr.Bob should know exactly who I am right?  Just because he never met me face to face, and just because he was so generous in supporting our Quilts of Valor... he should know me right?

OH. MY! Gosh!!! - He did.... I was shocked to say the least - I said " I just wanted to Introduce myself, I am Alycia"  and he said - " How is the Block drive going?"  JUST/ LIKE THAT people!!!

I met his wife to - wow - they are seriously nice people!!  

Look - Here we are - Just to prove it ;-)

And Now..... Drumroll please.........

The Winners of a $25 gift Certificate to Superior Threads are::::::::::

Judy V in CO    


Cathy B in MD

Ladies- I have both of your emails - so I will be emailing you a gift certificate to use at Superior Threads!!!


Without all you wonderful help - we couldn't honor our Veterans like this:   These Veterans were just so amazed that we would offer these Beautiful Quilts. I promise - there were not many dry eyes this day ;-)


KaHolly said...

That last picture gave me goosebumps all the way down to my knees!

Tami C said...

That is really wonderful!!!

Superior Threads said...

Congratulations to Cathy & Judy! A BIG Thank you for supporting QOV.