Monday, November 04, 2013

Happy Monday

I am still a lot discombobulated.... I traveled to Houston and changed times, and while I was there Daylight Savings time happened, and I flew back to Colorado - so I really don't know what time it is anymore.... What a strange feeling!!

I haven't downloaded my pictures - but I started a load of laundry.

I haven't unpacked - but I did make a grocery list - apparently the monkeys have eaten everything!!!!

I was able to meet some of our wonderful sponsors for the Big Blowout Block Drive  and even remembered to take a few photos!!! ( that haven't been downloaded yet)

I might have also picked up a few pieces of fabrics (that I haven't unpacked yet)....but there is always today right?

Because today is the day to finish tallying all the blocks that have arrived, make sure the drawing basket is ready to go, and.... HAVE the list of YUMMY PrIzEs!!!

Just a reminder - here is a list of our sponsors:

Vicki Welsh Hand Dyes:
Clothworks  :
Superior Threads:
KimmyQuilt – Kim Brunner:
Waterpik :
Quilters Dream Batting : :

Here is the list of sponsors:
Vicki Welsh Hand Dyes:  

Clothworks  :                          
3 -  2.5” strip rolls in rainbow colors from our Impressions Moire basics collection

Superior Threads:    
 2  - $25 gift Certificates

3 - Online Craftsy Classes

KimmyQuilt – Kim Brunner:
1 - Twirly Whirly Feathers DVD and Workbook!!

Waterpik :
1 - ASE-833 model Showerhead

1 - Waterpik Complete Care  System

Quilters Dream Batting :
1 package of 3 Twin Size Batts
1 package of 2 Twin Size Batts :
1 - $50 gift certificate for quilting your quilt

Patchworktimes :
1 - 60 pieced Quilt Borders Book

That's 16 different PRIZES  - Oh Boy !!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Have a great Monday - and I will see you back tomorrow!!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

It was great seeing you in Houston! I am sure you can get back on your regular routine in no time, and please do not feed the animals at the zoo!

Terri said...

Welcome back home! They are all teens now, those eating monkeys? I know about boys eating... Their Dad used to say they would tip the refrig and eat all but the light.
You will actually notice the increase in money once they all leave home.
See you tomorrow.