Friday, November 08, 2013

Craftsy Winners

Craftsy  Donated THREE online classes as prizes for our QOV block drive.!!  There is so much cool stuff on that you can learn almost anything!!

I EVEN have a pattern on there - its a 5 step Mystery ( but it has been solved) so check it out  That's the first step!

You can read Craftsy's Guest post for our Block Drive here:

So!! again - we recieved 4133 blocks and had 766 cards in the drawings... the Three Winners for a Craftsy Class are:

Martha S in OK

Barbara F in MI

Michelle F in CO

So ladies - I need your email addresses sent to me ( my contact info is at the side - or alycia quilts @ gmail .com no spaces)  and CRAFTSY will email you directly with the code to get your FREE class!!!

And for quilty people - here is a suggestion for a great class:

Again- here is why we DO what we DO!


Tami C said...

Congratulations to the Craftsy winners!

TLC said...

Holy Moly! 4133 blocks! That's SEW fantastic. Congratulations on a great block drive!

Bonnie said...

How fabulous and glad to see even more blocks came in this time! Woot! Congratulations to all the winners!