Sunday, November 10, 2013

CLOTHWORKS Strip Rolls Winners!!

Clothworks  Donated three yummy strip rolls to our Big Blowout Block Drive....

You can read all about Clothworks here:

And now for the winners of a strip roll:

Judy R of Spokane WA - Judy sent in multiple packages... but Judy.... you never included an email .... so email me so I can mail you a strip roll!!

Sally T of VA - Sally - email me your address ;)


Charlotte W of Oklahoma....

Congrats Quilters - I know you will LOVE your strip rolls - I have fondly gazed at them for a few weeks now. They are ready to come to you ;-)

It is really important to me to let you know how much these Quilts of Valor are loved. I am so tickled when the Veterans allow us to take pictures, and I am so tickled to be able to show them to you.... I hope you are not overwhelmed...

Sometimes they may look a little overwhelmed, but the cool thing is - each quilt has a journal attached to it, so when the Veteran gets the quilt home, they can read all about how it was made, and how it came to be theirs.


Tami C said...

So wonderful of you to do all this work for our veterans!

Holly in Indiana said...

I am ready for another block donation drive, don't care if we have gifts, just love doing it. We had two great patterns this go around. Let's see some of the funky blue and yellow blocks made up into something. I made a bunch of those because I couldn't seem to get to a stopping point with the strips. The red/white/blue were very quick and easy, loved doing those.