Friday, December 21, 2012

Finished Friday

Just in Time for the Holidays... I have finished something to make my house look ever so much better.... and I lead you 


To see them!!!

I even had a vote on them in my house - and you will never guess which one won......


Oh!! And remember our great family photo.... that was well loved by the mom ( me)?  

You really wanted to see the behind the scenes right?  

There is *sigh* nothing  *sigh* ever easy *sigh* in this house  *sigh*
Think those big sighs earned my any chocolate?   Bwah haa haa

ps - Aunt Laura.... Got your phone call.... tee hee ;-)


Kate said...

Love your new finishes. Hope you get to enjoy them and they don't get confiscated by the men in the house.

There's always one that doesn't want to be in the picture. Congrats on getting one shot that works, it obviously was not a piece of cake.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.......or in your case....a WWF Smackdown kind of Christmas!

LizA. said...

Love your pillows. The behind the scenes doesn't surprise me--my DH is the youngest of three boys and I've heard a lot of stories......not sure I believe all his though. He keeps telling me he wasn't the troublemaker, it was always his brothers......hhmmmmm. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and you het lots of chocolate, you deserve it!