Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We are a little slow in decorating around here... 

But it is all coming together. Wrangler Man had to go overseas for a while, and I forgot where all the Christmas Decorations were. One year they were in the other house, one year the barn, one year the storage room, and I had no clue where he put them last year.

So I decorated my way! I put the Christmas Table cloth on... and brought out the quilts!!

Any one recognize that one ( above?) I think it is the first mystery that Bonnie did on her Quiltville Chat list!

And this one is a snuggle quilt that the kids bought me!
We love it.

Wrangler Man made it home Saturday, and we immediately dragged him out to go ice skating. Then we made him find our Christmas stuff, and then the big son drug him out to go Elk Hunting.
All the time I am here, doing chores, doing laundry, working. so. very. hard..... do you have any sympathy for me yet?  None?  Well then, how about this? I even had to go to a Pig Meeting!!

Little Bit is going to raise a pig thru 4H next year ( remember way back When ?)  Well, now the Catch it program has started. It is a class act. They had a vet come talk to us, and we met with out sponsors, and the Pig Leader. Thank GOODNESS!! She is amazing. 

As I asked what sort of tools one might need for pig showing, she said "Call me when your ready and I will go shopping with you." Seriously... I am impressed!!

So - now do you have sympathy?  alright - then... just know that while you are reading this with your warm cup of coffee... I have slugged on Coverall, boots, gloves and a hat, and am probably soooo cold.... nothing? Alright you are hard to break *tee hee*


Sherrill said...

That is SO funny!! My niece raised a pig years ago when she lived in CA! I remember my sister talking about how she guided the pig using a stick and all kinds of funny stories! She LOVED it!

Gypsy Quilter said...

I thought of you as I was out in the cold early this a.m. feeding the critters. Sorry to hear hubs hid the decorations again. But glad you got your tree up despite the delay. I just made a pan of triple chocolate brownies, so do stop by and we'll commiserate over chocolate.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I just finished decorating last night! This is SUPER DUPER late for me! If only I could be a ranch hand then you wouldn't have to worry about coveralls! SUUUUUUUWWWWWEEEEEEEE! PIG! PIG!

Nancy said...

I don't miss going out in the cold to do chores and to take care of the animals. I'll stay inside today and keep the coffee and tea hot for you. Okay?

No tree up here yet, and at this rate, it probably won't go up.

Ranch Wife said...

Nope. Not a sympathetic peep from this old gal because I am out there with you - keeping you company, and I don't get any sympathy either. However, I can't complain because I rush through those chores when it's this cold and then I get to come inside to a warm home while DH works out in the cold all day.

LizA. said...

You have my sympathies. I'll trade you unpacking all my boxes, putting away all the bags of stash and trying to put some order to the rental for all your chores. Yours sound like fun compared to mine......

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hey, my sympathy on the Pig Meeting and the cold, at least!!

Love the Bonnie mystery quilt in the Christmas colors. Someday, if I live long enough, I will have a Christmas quilt for every bed....other quilts keep interfering.

Terri said...

After 44 years of marriage, my man puts the decorations where I want him to... he doesn't always remember where that is, but I do.

You KNOW how to decorate. Nothin' cozier than quilts around the house.