Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Notice the blog title... this is so I don't get confused as to which day it is!!!!  We started this morning doing ALL the chores.... and then running to get to VBS on time.  Today is month11 - since we lost some of our family, and I have no clue why - but it got me.... we got to the craft room and....

There were all these little butterflies hanging from the ceiling.... We LOVE butterflys... and so did the girls. So a sweet memory.

As soon as VBS was over we busted it ( seriously, we ran to beat the traffic of 657 kids getting picked up) and got to the older knuckleheads Swim meet.  I can't even show you the pictures, cuz I was so tired - I left the camera in the car.... under a LOT of stuff!!

This is him from his meet last week....

The meet was over at 6:10 pm, we busted it back to the car - stopped at Judy's daughters to pick up a Quilt of Valor, and then on to a guild meeting - you know why?

I was one of the speakers!!!

I spoke about Quilts of Valor, how our guild has really helped out, and how they could be recruited!! It was fun, and I got to get almost all of my words out.... the rest are here!!

And my dear sweet guild members brought me some finished Quilts, some fabric, and some pillowcases... and my dear sweet children loaded it all in the car.... and tomorrow morning..

I have some unloading to do! LOVE IT!!

Hope you all had a great day - and sleep well!


Kate said...

Glad that you found a sweet memory to carry you through the rough patch today.

How often does oldest son have swim meets? DT only swims about once a month, though with end of long course season next month, she'll have two, maybe 3 meets.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh my goodness! I need a nap after reading about your day and I get the feeling that's pretty much an ordinary day for you! And you know, there is no statute of limitations on missing loved ones we have lost. There is no rhyme or reason as to when and why the thought of them touches our heart. Only God knows and I hope He will bring you comfort.