Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

I think this week I am turning into an afternoon blogger.... Seems like we are busy in the mornings.... hmmm..

Today I had to be in Denver in the morning, so I drug all the kiddos with me, and when I was done we headed to the zoo. I love the zoo - I get so inspired at the zoo. And I have no clue why. None of those animals know how to quilt, but it sure helps me get motivated to do so!!

Three of the Loves of My Life

This cat was sleeping in his food dish. My boys thought that he had something there - if they could sleep with their food, they wouldn't wake up as hungry.... or so they say - I don't know that I believe that!!!

This poor camel was shedding and looked so hot, but he wandered awful close to us.

So now maybe you are relaxed and inspired as well?  I am off to quilt!! Wish me luck!!


Kate said...

Looks like a fun day.

Pat R. said...

I like the zoo, as well. We have an awesome zoo here in Colo. Springs...the only mountain zoo in the world. It wears me out to spend the day there, but I really like going.