Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Check In

I Succumbed to the temptation.... Judy has a little sew along going on - called Sweet Treats. I didn't think that I would join in, but then.... I started dreaming about the quilt... so I did!!  You can find the pattern start Here

So here is my Sweet Treats - And you know the kind of sad part? This is all made with 2 inch scraps.... and when I was sewing them, I couldn't figure out how they were going to be 8 inches...and then I realized I didn't add all the strips together.
Must have not had enough chocolate in the process!!

I was trying to get some good pictures, but I missed! Wrangler Man went out to the backside, and as he was coming in he was herding two coyotes - it was amazing,.. and I couldn't get in front of him and get pictures fast enough. Who ever heard of herding coyotes!! 

Then - before I get to the link up - I just had to share this sunset... there are some days the colors are just so amazing!!   

Well - lets check in again... I had fun checking out the pictures from last week. I have figured out how to browse things on my cell phone, but I haven't figured out how to comment yet.... must have a lesson with the boys!!

**Apparently the link up site is having a problem*** I will keep trying tho!!!

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Nancy said...

That sunset is one great reason to live in the West! It's gorgeous.

I love your Sweet Treats and didn't think of making it with scraps of which I currently have in abundance.

Happy Mother's Day