Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stash Report 1/8/12

Oh boy!! I missed last weeks Stash Report - because I was calendarally challenged... you understand right? I was waiting for the Rose Parade to start, who knew they don't do the Rose Parade on Sundays?  Totally threw my day off!!.... maybe even the WHOLE week!!!

This week found me all over our state and all over Wyoming. I am just retrieved my emails -I am scared... so if I am slow responding, love me anyways. Wrangler Mans Grandpa passed away this week, and we headed up to Thermopolis WY for a family funeral. Bob was 98!! 

But... they have quilt shops in that neck of the woods... so we had to see at least one!  and I found a few goodies to go home with me.

We stopped at Sheep Camp Quilt Supply - and found these. It was such a nice break. It is 7 hours from our house to Thermopolis. My car is large, but not that large for that time period... you all understand I am sure ;-)

Fabric in Last week:                     0 yards
Fabric in This week :                   6.5 yards

Fabric in YTD:                                6.5 yards

Fabric Used Last Week:             4.5 Yards   (  a litle but for Orca Bay, Binding, and a Backing)
Fabric Used This week:           14.055 (a giveaway, pulled for a QOV, & a backing for UFO #5)

Fabric Used YTD:                     18.55 Yards

Fabric BUSTED YTD:              12.055 yards

This is Grandma and the cousins. Bob was Grandmas dad.

And of course, I kinda have to brag. This in Wrangler Man. He told some of the stories about Bob. He was good. Grandpa Bob was a rancher, a business man ( he owned the Skelly Station for years) a Golfer, and a great Grandpa.

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SpinningStar said...

Sorry about your loss, but sounds like Grandpa Bob had a great life and a long one.

Your purchases for the week are very nice. Love the blue flowers.


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Losing a loved one is always hard - I'll keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. Sounds as if Bob lived a full life and, loved by many, and that his service was a celebration of his life. That was a long trip and I'm glad you found some treasures along the way! I brought home almost as much fabric as you used. Must stop that. :)

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. One is never prepared, but it sounds like he had a very long and happy life. It seems he was especially blessed with a wonderful family!

Glad you were able to break up the long drive with a trip to the quilt store!

Kate said...

Very sorry for the loss in your family. But as long as there those willing to tell tales on him, he's not completely gone.

Very good looking group of guys. No gals in the crew?

Scooquilt said...

I understand you missing the report, even without the funeral. It's been a hectic and confusing new year. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the funeral-very nice. I spent a summer in Wyoming once (the old Girl Scout center near Ten Sleep). And have been back several times. Thermopoplis is special, but wouldn't have guessed it had a quilt shop. Wonderful. Nice job busting your stash.