Monday, January 02, 2012

Colorado Quilts of Valor

This is kind of a mixed post... I have been having a little trouble with my computer, so I am praying that it was just a bad day.... But I backed everything up, and saved all my pictures, but lost some emails... so I may be tracking those down... just wanted you to know that if I don't respond right away ... its not me ;-)   it my computer ;-(

Anyways let me show you some cool things that have been created in Colorado!!

This quilt was pieced by Jessica. She teaches a scrap class in Denver. I think.... that she knows what she is doing....

Heres a close up!

This strippy Jelly Roll quilt was made by Rubydell and quilted by Liz Taylor Davis

Kathy and Connie are gals that are totally awesome. They have joined our sew days, and I am so tickled. I said something about needing some pillowcases... and voila!!! Look what they made!

I am totally keeping them ( Connie and Kathy - not the pillowcases!!)

These next pillowcases were made by the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo . I love them too!

Someday I am heading down there to take some chocolate to these Quilters.... they work hard!!

And the last quilt in our Colorado Show was made by Connie and Kathy and quilted by Sandy of Red Barn Quilting - right up here in Eaton!!

Thanks you all!! Happy New Year!

(PS these are still tagged QOV 2011 - because they came in in 2011... I didn't forget!)


Nancy said...

Great job, everyone!

Judy V from Thornton, CO said...

Love all the pictures, but I especially like the choices of fabrics used for the accent trim on the pillowcases. I will be looking at my fabrics with new eyes!

Amy said...

Very nice quilts and pillowcases. So enjoy seeing all of the neat quilts of valor.