Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Cowboy quilt

Recently a friend asked me to help her create a quilt from start to finish. She needed it for the National Western Stock Show - to raise money for her Limosin Youth Association ( thats a bred of cattle)

We drew up a quilt in EQ and then she set about shopping for fabrics. Its fun to see what others will purchase, and what color schemes they come up with. She chose fabrics that were not close to the colors we used in the drawing. It was fun!!

Of course, I think deadlines must help me stay on track cuz there was never a moment when I set this quilt aside for something else!!

This is the whole quilt - she had the panels embroidered with silhouttes. She used pictures , and the lady digitized them. I love that idea!

A corner

The back . In the big outer border I stitched cowboy hats - I liked it ;-)

And this last shot - just to impress you - is it with the Binding Done - and I did it.... can you believe that I bound something in the same year, even the same MONTH it was made?  you can stop laughing now, thank you very much ;-)


Gypsy Quilter said...

Such a lovely quilt for such a worthy cause. I hope your friend gifted you with chocolate!

Cheryl Willis said...

it is beautiful, I have the same illness that doesn't allow for quilt and bind to close together- lol

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Hope they make a lot of money raffling this off! The quilting is amazing (on the back!)

Denise in Saskatchewan

Melinda said...

Beautiful quilt and "the quilting makes the quilt"! Fabulous job.

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Very Nice~! I hope the group raises a bunch of money. I certainly would buy tickets on this quilt. Your quilting really makes it perfect~!

Pat R. said...

What a great quilt!! You did an outstanding job quilting it and not ONE dragonfly on it! lol This quilt should definately raise a lot of money for this youth group...especially at the Nat'l Western Stock Show and Sale!! Good job!!!

Laurel said...

This is a neat quilt. I love the barbed wire fabric - have never seen that before. Lovely job of quilting and congrats on binding it right away!