Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 I love to make people smile! And all you wonderful Quilt makers help make it possible!

Here are some more photos from our before Christmas delivery. The guy on the right in this picture is one of the platoon leaders. He was so excited to watch his guys get to pick out quilts - it was quite humbling to see.
 This guy - he wanted *that* one, oh no * this* one - oh my how are you supposed to choose with all these GREAT quilts. Totally a man after my own heart right??? He was tickled to recieve a hug from all of us quilters.
This soldier wanted Red White and Blue, and thought that would narrow down his choices *wrong*. He and Ms Pat had a good time looking at the choices and coming up with something perfect for him. Love the smile!!
I love getting to hear the thoughts the soldiers have about picking out their quilts, and listening to their opinions about fabric choices. Hope you enjoyed seeing these Quilt Recipients!


Sherrill said...

I'm so jealous that you get to spend some time with these heroes! So cool to at least get to see the pix you provide. What FUN!!

Anonymous said...

Those smiles are priceless! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Shari in AZ

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I think it is great that those Heroes are able to have a quilt. It's fun to see that they are like little kids trying to choose the right quilt.