Saturday, December 04, 2010

Judy V in Broomfield

Judy is another prolific quilter. There is not a piece of fabric that is safe around that girl!! She sees quilts out of everything!  I had her Grandson in our QOV quilting 2 years ago. great kid!!

Judy gave some quilts to her daughter for me to pick up, and lucky me, her daughter was willing to let me see all the quilts Judy had made for the daughters house. It was awesome!!! Judy is very talented.

Here are 4 more Quilts of Valor that she has made to contribute to our warriors!!! Thanks so much Judy!! I know these will be appreciated!


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Cheryl Willis said...

don't you just love getting the quilt tour. so many gals have their own collections. I love visiting the older women from church, it is just amazing what is on the beds.