Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My very quilty Day

Well my morning started at the school with the second grade class. They got to choose there quilting designs for there quilt tops - They chose Stars for one and Sports designs for the other! So I will get going on those soon.

Then I headed to the Quilters Stash in Windsor for my Lessons from Mama class - its a book by Atkinson desings and my friend Linda and I thought it would be great fun - and we were right. This is the second class. Last month we worked on Blocks 1-4, this month 5-8 - but I cheated and did 7 and 8 first! Those are my blocks up on the right.

I went and picked my kids up and then I had Quilt Guild tonite. Mary from Denver Came and talked to us about the culture of the Gullah and how she depicted them in quilts - it was AWSOME!

I picked up 3 more quilt tops for the Quilts of Valor Mystery that my guild worked on and 3 finished tops - so we will have a total of 9 quilts from the guild going to a hospital. I am sooo exicted!

Now for the other picture - my oldest son(the one in the white) was Agent Double O Heaven in a play and he had to dress up in a tux - the guy in red is his Buddy and he was Mic - the other main character! Aren't they handsome? The play was last Friday nite - but he is still getting praise ;-)
And this whole wild crew all belongs to me ;-) They are fun and crazy!


Sweet P said...

You did have a very quilty day! I bet the school children are proud of their quilts.

You have a wonderful looking family! Thanks for sharing pictures.

swooze said...

What is the name of the big block in the top picture? Your son looks cute in that tux. Hope you didn't have to pay for that!

Jennie said...

Love those blocks.......and all of those men in your family!!!!