Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Mays Book report

 I only got a few books read this month - but! you know I picked up one about knitting ....

The Yarn Balls caught my attention:

Lydia owns a Yarn shop and she starts a group called Knit to Quit. This book follows their story, at the same time that Lydia is fostering a young girl.  I really liked it - it was an easy read, but it was a feel good one!

I also liked this one - Its the story of Three cousins who spent summers together at Grandma Lucys house. They have since gone their own ways - but when Grandma Lucy passes - part of the requirements of getting their inheritance is to come back and live in her house for the summer.

Grandma Lucy was a quilter - and it is the Quilting that draws these three cousins back together. 

I liked this one too - 
its a family that creates the Quilting circle - and it draws them all together. They work hard to fix past hurts and past regrets.

These were all easy reads, and easy to get in to.



Vicki in MN said...

All of Debbie Macomber books are easy reads, love them!

Anonymous said...

The Blossom Street book is part of a series. They are so good. If you like Debbie Macomber books she had a series with address titles. The address starts with 1 then 2 for the next book. They were really good also.

sue s said...

I downloaded The Hope Chest. It sounded interesting!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice reading for a busy travel month!

WeedyMama said...

I absolutely loved the Blossom Street series. Having lived in Seattle for 10 yrs, I could visualize where she was when she was describing things.

Sara said...

These all look like interesting reads. I've put them on my list. Thanks for the recommendations!