Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Stop Tossing, Colorblocks and ... a QOV presentation

 After all these years... I still have trouble thinking of Blog post titles.... I will have to think harder!!

I got a super stuffed, ready to explode package in the mail - and I saw the return address and I got so excited - I opened it right away!!!  And!! it was awesome!!

Oh! Did you want to know what was in it?

Alright - I will be kind!!

Bell Creek Quilts sent these to me!!

This is Pats version of the recent Mystery I hosted- called Stop Tossing!!

Don't you just love the colors she used??

I do!!!
And this is one she created in our Color Blocks Group!!!

What a fun way to set those 16 Patch blocks!!

And now to a Presentation... A super fun one!!

Well - I think Every presentation is awesome - but after all these years - Each one still has a uniqueness to it... I LOVE it!!

In this one I had 2 Brother in Laws - both served in Vietnam,

They are the two on the left - and their quilts!!  They are made of the Same block!! But done in different colorways and set differently - but the blocks are still the same!! I just think that is SO cool!!!

Then I had a Mother/Daughter team - both active duty - and both cooler than all cool!!

And I had an amazing Photographer. He served during Vietnam and the stories he had....and truthfully the bravery of this man... he was armed with a camera... ( remember every one else had guns!)

That wind I complained about last week is still here - we had 4 solid days of wind last week. got Saturday off and it started again Sunday.... Monday was just breezy ( you know 15-20 mph) and Tuesday it was back.... all this to say - What More can BLOW!!!!!

You would have thought that anything that would blow has blown by now... but no.... there is more!! Ugh!

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Pat said...

I'm happy the quilts arrived safely!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for sharing. So motivational and encouraging.

Delighted Hands said...

What beautiful quilts! So nice to have you share the presentations with us. I guess the wind made itself known across most of the United states! My son in Seattle, WA, had very high winds, my parents in central New York had the same burst of high winds and we've had very high winds instead of our usual tropical breezes!

Miss Alissa said...

Oh boy on that wind!! We have had it here in the Nebraska panhandle too! Only plus is the little one and I are staying inside and I am getting some sewing in! Haha!

Ruth L. said...

I so enjoy your QOV activities. I'm amassing materials but haven't produced anything yet. And the wind, how it wears on your soul. I'm in the outer fringes of DFW (N. TX) and the spring winds were a real adjustment, though much less grating 10 years on. I could finally begin to understand how early settlers' mental health was affected by them. I can only imagine what you must have to deal with, derechos and all.

Sherrill said...

How cool to have 2 sets of relatives getting their QOVs. And the camera man's job was about as bad as a medic. Don't think most of them carried guns either.

Bonnie said...

Pat did a terrific job on her quilts. Definitely a cool presentation with relatives. I really like that diamond quilt. That is terrific. Winds are calm now but I assume they’ll start up again as a cold front comes in. Bye bye 80s, hello 50s. (It’s too early for 80s!)

Vicki W said...

I totally get the post title conundrum. I always struggle with that but not as much as I struggle with naming my fabrics!
Love your presentation photos!

chrisknits said...

That middle quilt is gorgeous!!! A very unique setting. All are very wonderful for those who have served.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

These quilts are such vibrant colours...all are beauties!

sue said...

I enjoy pics of your presentations. This one was very special too. The winds howled here in southern Michigan until dark tonight. We had a large branch come down from our huge huge sycamore tree in back. The saw comes out tomorrow!.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How cool all of the family connections at that one.