Monday, April 04, 2022

Jeeping on The Gold Belt Tour

 Day Two of our little getaway.... We decided to go Jeeping along the Gold Belt Tour that was used in the olden days to get from Canon City to the Victor Mining District.

We had a tour guide/driver.. I was glad - he drove - I gawked - it was awesome.

Oh plus!! He knows all the history - I didn't have to google!

(Shameless Plug - If you go - take advantage of Colorado Jeep Tours )

The road that you take ( the rugged road) is the one that the Train used to use in the 1800's to get supplies up to the Mining camps, and to take Gold Ore down to Canon City to be processed,

We stopped in an old Mining Town that had amazing Architecture.

And lots of fun signs

This is us in the jeep - I was in the back for the majority of it and then I got too cold - so I got down into the lower seat and made them turn the heater up for me. Of course, it was open air.... so I'm not sure that helped much.

I took two blankets with me, and I was mercilessly teased - but please note what is across the boys' lap

Oh ya - Moms rock!

In the Mining Town there was a German Bakery... Oh! My ! Goodness!!  Of course - she had amazing desserts. The boys dug in!

Thats a Mocha Truffle cake

This is a Carrot cake

Then a Peanut Butter Cheese cake

I had to roll everyone back to the jeep!! haha!

We got to see an active gold mine. Its kinda cool how they work.

These fences were used to hold in the dirt and rocks that they remove to mine.
it keeps them from falling on to the roads.
and these were built in the 1800's - and are still holding the rocks back

This was what was left of a Pony Express Station

It was a fun tour - and we found places we want to go back an hike more in depth.... if only we didn't have to work haha!!


Linda said...

This is my kind of adventure! The first time I had a jeep tour was in Red River New Mexico with my Mom and Dad when I was 16. We had a driver/guide, and we had a blast. Those desserts look fantastic! Glad you had such a good time.

Katy Sweigart said...

How fun! My daughter and I did a Jeep tour in Sedona. Someday, I’ll take my own Jeep!

Rebecca Grace said...

That sounds like a wonderful family adventure, and those desserts look mouthwateringly good. Now all I can think about is chocolate peanut butter cheesecake…

Soma @ said...

No shame in taking extra blankets to stay warm. I would have done the same. Great scenery, old architecture and delicious food - just perfect!!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Very cool, Alycia!! Was there any GF cake for you?

Delighted Hands said...

What a great time! The desserts look delicious!

Delighted Hands said...

You take the best jeep tours! Very fun. (I think I already left a comment but I can't remember for sure! lol)