Monday, April 18, 2022

Jeeping in the BackCountry

 I have more photos to share of our Jeep Trip....

I know you are jumping with Joy!!! I can see you!!

The views while Jeeping along these rarely used roads are just amazing!

The rock Outcropping were amazing. Its easy to see how they found dinosaur fossils in these areas - as you can see so many of the layers!

And looking out onto the mountain range! Such a clear day!!

When I was  a kid one of my aunts learned all about pan mining, and when we visited she would take us to the rivers and give us a pan - and ... we never got anything - but we were entertained for hours.

Gold Panning and Mining has always intrigued me - so check out these old mines....

I am sure in their heyday  - they looked a LOT safer???? Right?
* Below - same one just a zoomed out view*

The little town we stopped in was almost like Time had stopped too. Its the same place the kids got those yummy desserts a few posts ago.

it was the Worlds Greatest Gold camp and founded in 1894. 

Aren't these just the coolest wall signs?

after our little stop - we headed back out into the wilderness!
As is tradition in our family - I said - First one to see Wildlife gets Ice Cream - and 6 seconds later Little Bit shouts - There!!

And!! He was right - he saw this little one first, and then we came around the rock - and Bam!!


needless to say - I think we ALL deserved Ice Cream haha!~
Don't they just look like they had been watching us the whole time and wondering why we were in their wilderness?

And just across from them - the other mountain range was this!

After we checked out the cool rocks we turned back to the sheep they were looking out across the way. I was told that they can see danger miles away - and maybe they were seeing a predator coming their way.

Either that - or they were mad we didn't bring them snacks???

Just a super pretty view of frozen falls.....

Enjoy your day!!!


Linda said...

I do enjoy these pics! Not only did I do a jeep tour with my folks when I was young, but when our kids were old enough we took them on a jeep in Telluride CO. They still talk about it. Makes me want to go again. Great photos!

Judy in Michigan said...

What a great ride! Thanks for taking me along.

Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful!!! I love the photo of the 'hole' in the rocks cliff!
Ice cream is the perfect way to end the tour! lol

WeedyMama said...

Sheep or goats? I can't tell the difference. The four of them lying on the rocks, in perfect camouflage, probably just enjoying the sunshine, and wondering, "who's doing all the shouting? We like quiet the best."

Thanks for taking us along on your trips.

Anonymous said...

Love the “hey what are you doing here” look