Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Stop Tossing STEP THREE



It’s time to take out your background fabric.

If you want to cut all the strips you will need for the next steps – you will need a total of 19 -  3 ½ inch width of Fabric strips. (based on 40 inch fabric)

BUT! If you are mixing and matching on your background fabrics – for this step ONLY – this is what you will need:

*Cut 6 - 3 ½ inch strips – Width of Fabric

From these you will need to cut 16   3 ½ inch x 13 ½ inch strips.

Now apply them to the edges of the blocks and make rows as shown:

Make 4 rows like shown

Save the rest of your strips, and any leftovers from these 6 strips

So here is the deal - on the blog - the clues will just be typed in - but in my Mystery group ( NOT a facebook page) there will be printable Pdfs... Its just too easy to do it there!!

Link to the group:

ALSO!! Thank you all for asking - Past Patterns are available - 

They are in my ETSY store   Quiltygirl Etsy Store

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