Wednesday, March 09, 2022




Using your background fabric again.

If you didn’t cut all your 3 ½ inch strips in the last step you will need to cut approximately 6 more strips. With these you will assemble

5 – 3 ½ by 51 ½ inch strips.

Using the exact measurements that your rows from step 3 should have been – they should be 51 ½ inches.  We all know that when I sew…. Some of the numbers change – so measure your block rows, if they are a little different that the 51 ½ inches – you will need to make your 3 ½ inch strips that size ;-)

Apply one strip to the top of each row from Step 3.


And then on one of the rows you will need to add a strip to the bottom.


So that you can assemble them in to this:

Stitch all your rows together – and get ready for the next step ;-)


This should be about 51 ½ inch x 67 ½ inches

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