Wednesday, October 06, 2021

More Fall!! and knitted hats

 We found this cool trail that was once a railroad track - but they have taken the tracks off and maintained it as a trail and now I want to go back and hike The WHOLE thing ( its a lot of miles)

But Seriously - doesn't that look like an easy hike? 

And!! We were stalked.... This Antelope boy was letting us know we were TOO close to his ladies!

I feel like this tree is my kindred spirit - every tree around her was turning colors, and following the rules - but Nope!! She had to stay Green... dancing to the beat of her own drum! haha

I love Fall - well - I love winter too.. so I know I am weird - but I just love seeing the way the earth changes!!

And then I did a little knitting experiment. ( I did not do these while driving to our hiking spots cuz I drove!!! that way I could pull over when I wanted to see something.... and!! I got to pick the trail!)

Texas sent me a roll of Variegated Pastel yarn,  and M's mom brought me a roll of Purple - so~!

I still have no idea how to tell how much you will need
so I started with the Bottom hat - All Purple
then the next one is all Variegated
Then I had more - so I used one strand of Purple and one strand of Variegated and made hat 3

Then!! I still have more left - so I made the top hat out of the leftovers !

I'm pretty sure the next two rolls will result in a different amount of hats - but! There are no leftovers of these two to stash.... I have been warned about having a Yarn Stash  haha!!!

My husband says there is NO MORE ROOM to stash things ( Bwahh haah ahaaa)


Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the trail and trees! You certainly live in a gorgeous setting.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Great hats and gorgeous nature photos (as usual!!)

Sherrill said...

WOOHOO!! You are a hat crankin' fool! They look fantastic and many heads will stay warm this winter. Those yellows are beautiful in the trees. We always used to see lots of pronghorns (I always called em white butts) on our drives to Pagosa but the last few times saw very few. Musta found a place they liked better.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Glorious yellow trees!!! They did something similar here with the old railroad (removing tracks, paving the area) for the Memphis Greenline. Eventually it will run from the river out almost to the next county. Not nearly as "wild" as your trail but great for cyclists and runners.

Vicki in MN said...

Looks like a fabulous trail and then through in all the gorgeous tree colors right now, heavenly! Pretty little hats too.

Delighted Hands said...

But yarn is squishy and fits in a bin in ways fabric can't ! lol
Nice job on the hats! The trail is beautiful--such a perfect view!

Linda said...

Haha our husbands have no idea what great stashing skills we have! :D

Gosh that's a pretty trail - I'd love to hike it too. No you aren't weird, or maybe

I'm weird too, but I LOVE the starkness of winter and always tell my husband how beautiful the trees are without leaves. I love seasonal changes, but fall and winter are my "jam".

Love your purple hats!

Donna said...

That’s one cool antelope with a ringed neck! Husbands are so silly! We know any empty space (including under the bed) can be a place to stash! Your hats are adorable!

Kat Scribner said...

Can I be a nuisance and ask if you're using a free pattern? I want to knit a few hats, I'm not real good, and looking for a pretty basic, but attractive pattern design. I think I'll use the circular needles. I especially love the 3rd hat with one strand of purple and one strand of varigated. I used to have a large yarn stash (crochet mostly) but donated it when I got carried away with quilting.

Vicki W said...

Are these hats all loom knit? They are awesome!