Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mercyful Positivity Quilt a Long - from Sewpreeti Quilts

 I am sure many of you have seen this Quilt a Long that SewPreeti is hosting?

if you haven't go check it out!!!

When Preeti called me to see if it was something I thought she could do, I think I giggled - and said really? Have you read your blog? YOU!, my friend, can do anything!  

Random Ranch Shot

So, basically - Preeti is going to host a Quilt a long for her Positivity Quilt - and she will provide the pattern - we provide the love and make a quilt to be Donated to Mercyful Quilts Hospice in Sacramento - all the details ore on Preeti's and Bernie's Needle and Foot Blog. 

I have long been involved in Quilts of Valor ( still am), but this outreach also spoke to me. My mom is now on Hospice, and I tell you the care that these nurses give to their patients is amazing. So I wanted to help them out a little and give them something to leave their patients to snuggle in.

Random Quilting Photos

I also decided that I should reach out to our local hospice, talked with the director, and then of course, went thru my finished Quilts to see if I had anything that fit their needs. 

You will never believe this... but I DID.....  So I rounded up 8 quilts and delivered them (washed and ready for love) . Totally made my day!!

So now I am excited to participate in Preetis Sew along - and be able to spread our love to Mercyful Quilts!! What a priviledge!

another random quilting shot!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Hospice people are angels on earth. My mom had such tender and comforting care. How wonderful that you had eight quilts ready to share. Hugs from afar.

Kathy E. said...

Oh, your kind heart is showing big time, Alycia! Donating 8 quilts is definitely an act of love and generosity. Knowing they will be loved and deeply appreciated really moves the spirit to give. Bless you!

Kathleen said...

Looking forward to quilting along. I love helping hospices...they do such good work. I have a bunch of quilts to wash and go through....its time!

Sherrill said...

Alycia, so sorry to hear that your mom's on hospice. I had DH home on hospice for the last 3 weeks of his life. I think it was so much better for him and for me. And yes, the hospice people were so great with him.

grammajudyb said...

What a great donation to your local hospice. We also have had great experience with hospice. Our local Close to Home has experienced difficulty during Covid. I sure hope they can figure out how to staff and fund in the future!

I’m excited to join Preeti, Bernie ,you and many others in making her Positivity Quilt!

Sara said...

Hospice workers are a special kind of folk. My mother was on hospice care years ago. It’s another great choice for quilts.

Delighted Hands said...

How exciting! I think it's neat you contacted your local hospice, too, and was able to help them out! Have fun!

Bernie Kringel said...

You are the best Alycia. What an amazing donation. I know Hospice will give them out and the recipients will be so touched. I am really excited that Preeti is hosting this QAL. We need the quilts and are so grateful for her support (as well as all of the participants.).

Kate said...

What a wonderful idea. I may have to play along with this one, I definitely have the scraps for it!

Preeti said...

Alycia, I am keeping your mom in my thoughts. Thank you for talking up the Positivity QAL. I wished you lived closer. I NEED to hug you. Love you so much!!!