Monday, January 06, 2020

Barton Family Wineries

One of the trips we went on sent us in to the wine county of California- Paso Robles CA!

And here was the cool thing.... a friend that I grew up with.... Tammy... met up with us, and she was telling us all about her family winery! we went to elementary school together ( altho I am certain that she and I just graduated from 8th grade!!!)

Tammy and I had a great catch up and since we were heading over to the coast - we stopped at her Family Winery - called Barton Family Wineries. Oh My Gosh!! This was so fun!!!

I am not a professional Wine Connoisseur at all - but we had the best time at their place!

Doesn't that just look Inviting?
It felt homey and relaxing to me!

We settled in to the tasting room and tasted 5 different wines - all made there on their campus.
They explained how they made each one, and what grapes were in which, and why.

All of them either grown on their farm or sourced from farms right near them
Too Cool!

We got to sit out on a deck and see the grapes grow.

Just so you know we live in farm country and farmers tell us they can hear the corn grow...
I believe them - so Why not grapes??

We are still learning to take selfies without  Little bit, who has selfie sticks for arms

isn't that just relaxing?

Oh my gosh - and the funniest thing?
We are doing our little wine tasting
Another couple comes in and they start talking about where they are from.
the man is a teacher and he is talking about where he teaches
So very cautiously I say 
Do you know  DP?
And he says Oh my Gosh!! I love him - I have learned so much from him!!

So I text my Cousin DP and tell him who I met....
Small world right?

( and also good to know that people like DP ... ha ha)

We bought a few bottles of wine
and brought them back with us to Colorado to share with my Parents

My Dad and Mr Barton were long time friends
and that was fun to have a little bit of the Old Home
brought to the New Home


qypsyquilterdesigns said...

What fun! A little wine tasting retreat makes for a nice outing. It looks as if you had some beautiful weather too.

Sue said...

We absolutely LOVE Grey Wolf Cellars <3
So glad you were able to visit!

Farm Quilter said...

So, what kind of wines do they produce? I'll have to look for them in the store!! Sounds like you had the most amazing time!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Just how tall IS Little Bit, now?!?! Good times away from the ranch, Alycia. Bet you were glad to get back to the hustle and rustle! Must have been boring listening to grapes grow. :P

Sandy said...

Mmmmm..... I love Paso. You know rhere are something like 700 wineries there? Close to San Luis Obispo, and the famous Madonna Inn, who hosts the Seven Sisters quilt show every summer. I believe three local guilda are involved.

Lady Fi said...

What a fun place to visit!

Tom said...

...I don't know how to take selfies and who would want to see me anyway?

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun visit.

betty-NZ said...

Sounds like fun! It certainly is a small world :)

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