Monday, June 24, 2019

Travel Adventures

So  Little Bit and I headed over the mountain to go to his  * College*  ( ackkk) 

We were rolling along and came to a complete halt at LookOut Mountain 

This is what we saw – well as they detoured us over the Offramp/Onramp to avoid the crash. We were probably 20 cars behind this accident.

 See all the emergency crews?

Little Bit took this as I was driving – I didn’t want to be the next accident – but that car was toasted!!!

I think it is time to stay home and Stitch!!

Which is just what we did!
My QOV Sew Day was yesterday - and look at all the blocks that got made!!

I think we counted 50 of them!! Awesome!!

have a Quilty Day!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Yikes! Too close for comfort! Have fun with all of those QOV blocks. I know you will make something wonderful!!

Kate said...

Hope you still got where you were going. 20 cars back really isn't that far away.