Tuesday, June 25, 2019

14'ers aka Mt Evans

One of my goals has been to get up as many 14'ers as we can. We have started up a few times and been derailed by snow or some other thing - but sure enjoyed the hike.

This time.... I found out you could DRIVE up to the summit, and then hike to the top....
So we did - Up Mt Evans!!

Is that just beautiful???

There were some trails about mid summit that took you through the various terrain, and tundra that existed up there.

Check out all that snow!!
and it was about 48 degrees

The top!!  or one of the tops - who knows - the top is 14256 feet ( i think)  and it is just gorgeous

and this is the best way to climb a 14 er in my mind
You drive up to 14156
and climb the rest and shout

I did it!
and you text photos to your other kids at home 
that think you really climbed 

and you don't tell them any differently!
( since they don't read the blog - I am totally sticking to my story)

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The only way I could get to the top of one of those is to drive it. Stick to your story.

Mari said...

Ha, ha! We did the same thing a few years ago with our friends from Colorado. They've done a lot of these 14,000 footers. A friend of our son's who is very athletic and in fantastic shape climbed Long's Peak a while ago and he said it was the hardest thing he ever did. And he ran a 50 mile marathon! I'll stick to the car, too, thanks!

Quiltdivajulie said...

What an awesome discovery and way to summit!!

Snowcatcher said...

That’s awesome! I’ve done that one four ways... by car, by bike, by foot, and by cross-country skis. It is so cool to have this and Pikes Peak practically in our backyard! Great photos!

Photo Cache said...

Oh my how majestic.

Worth a Thousand Words

Farm Quilter said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Totally the sane way to tackle a 14er!!

Sherrill said...

I have a hard enough time walking a couple miles on relatively flat ground. Would never make it up that high without benefit of wheels!! So pretty when you get there, though!

julieQ said...

I have been up a few 14ers myself...my favorite was mount Uncompagre...14309 feet high!! I am so glad you had fun!

Mary K. said...

I too love going up mountains. I may not always make it to the top like you did but I enjoy the journey nevertheless. The view is amazing!!!

Kate said...

Beautiful views! We wanted to drive up Mount Evans and hike when were there in June, but the road to the top was still closed.