Friday, June 14, 2019

Progress, QOV's and more

What a busy crazy week - did you know today is Friday?  I can not tell you what all I did this week - but ... I was surprised to see that it was Friday!!

My latest group of amazing Veterans. I LOVE all of these Quilts of Valor - it was so cool to see these Vets wrapped in some of my favorite. The Vet - Third in from the left - his Quilt had Eagles ALL over it - so we made a deal. I get to make him a steak dinner, and I can visit the quilt- haha!

This one was a few years ago - but the family sent me these photos just recently. Their father is still loving his quilt, and even in the summer uses it. He was so amazing to talk to - Sometimes when I do the home presentations they don't really encourage you to stay a long time - but this gentleman... I remember didn't want us to leave - we enjoyed him

This is the project I am working on now - I have a ton of others in process - but I packed them all up in my to go box... as I am "to- going" to a sew day and needed projects that I could sew, not think to hard , and be able to chit chat!!! Catch up on all my quilty friends' lives!!

This is the block my QOV group is doing for the summer months. I designed it so you could use a jelly roll ( or just 2 1/2 inch strips - but I had a jelly roll)
 I thought I had shared the pattern - but can't seem to find it... so here you go - just in case you want one too - two blocks take 3 2 1/2 x wof strips!

and just because
Every one needs a little mountain time!

Quilt on!!


Terri said...

Mt. Time and Vet Appreciation pictures. Love your blog.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Enjoy your sew day (and thanks for sharing that breathtaking mountain vista!)

Pat said...

I love your blog too. You get so much done! I especially love the QOV’s. Have a great weekend!

Snowcatcher said...

It's always so warming to see your presentations. Love your current QoV pattern, too. That would be really fun to use up some of my strips leftover from my last QoF...

Marcia in TX said...

Thank you for the mountain time... and the Quilts, of course.