Sunday, July 29, 2018

Flags for Sue ...for this week

THIS!!! is a very picture heavy post!!! and ....its  SO AWESOME!!

Here is top number two in the Flags for Sue series - I added some red into the border - thinking it would give it a little pop - and Oh my Stars!! does it ever...... but ( and you will laugh) adding that red took longer than the whole rest of the quilt!!

And the blocks came rolling in!
Joan K  made 12!!

and Vickie made 4

and Kathy made this cool one

and from Cathy
( ps - check out her blog - its so cool!)

And from Nancy - a cool 4!!!

And from Deb and awesome 7!!

and Top Number 3
I wanted to try gold/cheddar and
wow!! What do you think???

and from Oregon!! Christine Y send this lovely!!

and then you all - plaid.... I swooned

These three ( with that plaid above)
came from Katie Mae
Check out her blog too!

and then my Holly from Indiana
she contributed 7

and Judy!!  I always say thornton and she says broomfield - or maybe its the opposite
have you ever had a brain freeze like that
anyways JUDY is AH-Mazing!!!
and she had time to make these 3

and Ms Diane M in washington
check out the red - that is a cool print!

And Ms Deb at Snowcatcher
she went all *scrappy*  LOVE it!!
oh and you have to check her blog out
her photography will make you drool!!!

And from Beryl in Utah!!
aren;t these great!!
She has a way cool blog too
( and she just finished up our last mystery - the Patriot - go check out the photos!!)

and Betty in Co
I love that blue print - what a great way to use that!!

and then I went to the post office!!!

Check this out!!
I will get those posed for their time in the sun and be back!!

and I might even have another top to show you by then
but don't hold your breath
I have a horse to ride...........

Thank you all so much for you support and love
Kathy and her family are so appreciative

Oh!! PS this made 55 blocks received this week
plus the 70 from last week

that makes 125 total so far!!!

Plus I may have made a few - but those don't count they just go into the stack

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Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE the cheddar!!! This is all just so incredibly wonderful.

Norece said...

Wow!Your mailbox is over flowing with love. Each flag is a beautiful work of art...

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

125 so far? That's awesome! It is amazing seeing the tops and blocks coming together.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So many wonderful flags, from all over the place! When I made mine I agonized over the fabric and color choices, and now I can see that everything works. The cheddar sashing is just perfect with the flags, too!

The Joyful Quilter said...

The cheddar is bold, but beautiful!!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

All these flags warm my heart! Your quilt tops are looking wonderful. I really like the cheddar also.

Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

Cathy said...

Oh, yes! The cheddar is so unexpected and fantastic! I also like that red striped border. So, at 12 blocks per quilt and 125 blocks so far looks like there will be quite a few Flags for Sue quilts. Wonderful!

Alison V. said...

The cheddar is fantastic! This is such an exciting project and I love seeing all of the different blocks that are being contributed!

Susan said...

Fabulous! This is a great response!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

These are fab! You are doing a wonderful job coordinating all this :)

kiwikid said...

You have had a great response to the call for quilt blocks, the quilts you have made look amazing, I am sure they will be much loved.

Julie said...

What a great collection of blocks for an amazing project.

Snowcatcher said...

I'm so glad you're getting such a great response! Now I wish I'd made more than one block!!! Your tops are turning out dynamite! Thank you for spurring such a wonderful project!

Kate said...

Those flag blocks make very fun quilts. Such a variety of reds and blues in those blocks.

Michele said...

Wow. The blocks are all just beautiful.

cindi said...

I have a quilting question. I made this quilt using a gold background for a friend who has been amazing since we lost our son. Tyler was active duty Army and this friend has been a real blessing. This quilt is a perfect thank you. My question is ....what color thread should i use to quilt it?