Monday, July 16, 2018

Devils Backbone

There is this place that we like to hike called Devils Backbone... and just so you know - it gets pretty hot there ( for Colorado) . But I think it is a beautiful place.

So I gathered the kids and the husband this time - and we headed out for a short hike... our pedometer thingies on our phones told us 6 miles .. totally worth it.

This little butterfly posed for us!  Its on a thistle - which is really hard for a rancher to not want to pull - but since these were not our pastures ...we controlled ourselves.... well except for the million photos I tried to take of the butterfly

Some of the rock formations
They are just really cool and tower above the ground

And you know me - gotta try that Black and White
You just never know if you will like it or not.... I do!

The little sunflowers
They may be weeds also - But I love them
and they way they came up over this wood fence.
Kinda wish I had a place like this at my house

As we were hiking in this HangGlider came flying over
About half way through the hike I was wondering if he did pick ups ;-)

Proof that we were there

This is the keyhole - pretty cool view from up there.

This is the other side of the keyhole
I thought it looked imposing

and then!
I tried my skills at a Panorama
With my Camera - not my smartphone
Are you impressed? 

The best part was the ice cream afterwards
okay not really - but it sure cooled us down
it hit 100 that day
which is not happy for us Coloradoans!


Vicki in MN said...

Great pic's, I love the keyhole one.

Gypsy Quilter said...

100 degrees is very hot indeed for Colorado. I remember that dry, energy draining heat! So glad you had your muscle team along in case you fell over and had to be carried out.

A Colorful World said...

What an awesome hike! Loved all the photos!

Paula, the quilter said...

In the spring, the keyhole trail is closed because the Ravens nest there. Did you know?

WeedyMama said...

Those are cool pix of even cooler rock formations. In that next to the last shot (before the panorama), it looks like two old ladies whispering secrets. Are the rocks made of shale? I'm not very good at geology.

Thank you for sharing.

Kate said...

Gorgeous photos. Looks like a wonderful place for a hike.

Lady Fi said...

How lovely!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love that trail - the views from it are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm putting some Flags for Sue in the mail to you today!

Angie said...

It makes me so happy to see families hiking together!!! And I can see why it's called Devil's Backbone - awesome!!! Ice cream is the perfect end to a long and hot hike … enjoy your week ahead.

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful images
looks like a nice place to walk
I remember doing it years ago.

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

What Beautiful place to hike.
The rock formations are so unique, especially the keyhole.

Anne said...

What beautiful photos and an amazing place to visit. I love the rock formations and the little butterfly. The panoramic photo came out very good, it gives you an idea of what the rocks look like all together. I even like the black and white rocks, the photo came out good.

Kim said...

100 degrees and hiking, I am impressed. Those rock formations are impressive. Love the photo of the sweet butterfly resting on the Thistle. It is tempting to pull thistles out, isn't it. It sounds as if your hike was amazing.

Soma @ said...

Oh So Nice! You got a butterfly on a thistle photo. That is just lovely. What a gorgeous hike. Beautiful rock formations and the colours are amazing. You hiked 6 miles in 100F! You are brave and I am impressed :)

Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


Su-sieee! Mac said...

I'm impressed with your panorama. That's a cool view. I like getting the full effect of those ridges of rock. They're so many faces in them.