Monday, July 06, 2015

Row by Row

Have you heard about the Row by Row Experience in the different states?  My quilting buddy showed it to me, and I thought - how COOL!!! So we have been shop hopping a bit on or travels around the states.  I picked up quite a few rows, and have been getting a license plate at each shop.

They are so neat!!  

Here's some of the plates that are here in CO:

This one is in Littleton - we had a QOV presentation - so I sort of ..... well, planned around the quilt shop ( that's legal right???)

Then Wrangler Man had a meeting down towards this shop.... I might have said something like , "If you love me, you'll go to this shop" . Only might have said - no one taped me - I think ;-)
This one is my local shop - They are the greatest people - so I ran in with blinders - just the plates Ma'am  ( and the row)   and I might have thrown a couple of other things up n the counter too - but I'm not telling.
BTW - I am going to start their row first - I LOVE it!!

Next - we went to this shop -     It has needles and machine and gadgets oh my!      It was cool to visit!!

This next shop is 5 hours away from me, and one of my children was driving through that town - and I might have said, "If you ever want me to cook for you again, you might check out this store."   Apparently my cooking is worth something...... That is not to say it is good, but at least you aren't hungry ;-)

And then I headed over to Ft Collins - there are a lot of stores that way - so I'll have to show you those another day..... But ......It was fun!!

How many of you are collecting these?

Oh - and I took the plunge and joined instagram. I did it a while ago - but I am still not 100% sure I know how it all works - but I'm enjoying all the photos - I am AlyciaQuilts over there.  If you Instagram let me know, I'll follow you ( or is that stalk you???? hmmmm????  Ha ha)


scraphappy said...

I had seen row by row blocks popping up, but not the licensed plates. Looks like a fun new collection.

Magoo47 said...

Yes! I recently visited CA to see my first grandbaby so, of course, had to visit a few shops too! Row By Row didn't start until the day before I moved on so only got a couple there, but picked up a couple in WA too. My favorite so far is WHAT THE FATQTR but I also have SEAMS RIGHT, SLPS W/QLTS and JUST QUILT IT. This will be a fun summer!

Kate said...

Love your license plate collection! Very cool.